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Mount Nittany Manor

College Township, Pennsylvania

Rhodes Lane
Lemont, PA 16801



  • Mt. Nittany Manor is located approximately 4 miles from State College and Penn State, and 4 miles to I-99

  • Centre County is generally rural in character. There is ample opportunity for outdoor activities that include hunting, fishing, golf, hiking, swimming,family activities, etc. There are state game lands and many parks in close proximity to the development. Within the development there will be an open space area consisting of more than 2.5 acres.

  • State College is the home of the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)

  • University Park Airport (SCE), which is located approximately 7 miles from the development, is serviced by commuter airlines Delta, US Airways, and United.

  • Located within the State College Area School District (SCASD)

  • Mt. Nittany Manor will be a single family residential development consisting of approximately 49 single family detached homes on fee simple lots within College Township.

  • Mt. Nittany Manor is located east of the Village of Lemont, which is an historic village. All residential properties within Mount Nittany Manor will have a Lemont Post Office address.

  • Individuals will be able to choose their builder and have one-story homes, two-story homes, homes with basements, homes built on a slab, first floor master bedrooms, etc.

  • Homes will range in size from 1,400 square feet up to more than 3,000 square feet. This will allow individuals to price a home within this community according to their

  • Approximately 45% of the development will be open space for parkland and storm-water management. This open-space will be maintained as a lawn area by the Homeowner’s Association.

  • There is an existing township park that adjoins an open space area within the development.

  • All residential lots will be served with public water, sewer, gas, underground electric, cable TV, and phone. All of the streets within the development will be public and will be maintained by College Township.

  • Proposed streets within Mt. Nittany Manor will interconnect with other municipal streets.

  • There are no age restrictions for the residents of the development.

  • Public sidewalks will be constructed along all streets throughout the development. Mt. Nittany Manor has been designed with the idea in mind that residents of Mount Nittany Manor will know each other.

  • Each home can be custom-designed and must be approved by the developer prior to construction.

  • The development will be built in phases of approximately 14 homes per phase.


Following is a summary of some of the items that will be included in covenants that will apply to Mt. Nittany Manor and will be recorded in the Centre County Courthouse:

  • A homeowner’s association (HOA) will be formed that will have a five-person board of directors that will meet quarterly to attend to the business of the association and community. The developer will control the association until 90% of the lots have been sold.

  • Grass cutting of all private lawns and common areas as well as snow removal on all public and private sidewalks and driveways will be provided as part of a lot owner’s membership in the homeowner’s association. Initially, it is expected that the monthly homeowner’s association fee for this service will be $85-$100 per month. Homeowners will be responsible for maintaining their own trees, shrubs, flowers, garden, etc.

  • A profession property manager will be employed by the homeowner’s association to collect all of the monthly assessments. In addition, the property manager will enforce the covenants, hire the contractor to cut the grass and plow the snow and maintain the storm-water management facilities.

  • Each property owner will receive and be responsible for their own utility bills for water, sewer, cable, gas, trash, electric, Internet, phone, etc.

  • Homes built in Mt. Nittany Manor must have a minimum finished floor area, above the road grade, of 1,400 square feet. Finished basement areas are not included in this area. The developer reserves the right to approve plans that maybe less than 1,400 square feet under special circumstances. The architecture of the homes is expected to be of a modern contemporary home. No raised ranches, bi-levels, or what are commonly called Prairie Homes are permitted.

  • Any exposed masonry foundation materials (i.e., poured concrete, concrete block, etc.) must be covered with stucco, brick, stone, paint of the same building material used on the house.

  • Lots cannot be combined or subdivided.

  • Fenced areas and swimming pools are permitted and must meet architectural guidelines as well as placement requirements. Issues regarding fences will be defined in the final covenants.

  • Lots are generally intended to be sold to individuals who intend to complete construction within Mount Nittany Manor within one year after the purchase of the lot.

  • Public sidewalks along both sides of all public streets will be constructed by the individual lot owners as their home is being built. Once completed, the sidewalks will be maintained by the HOA.

  • No mobile home, shack, metal fence or temporary structure shall be kept, maintained or allowed on the premises except children’s tents or swing sets. Nor shall any motor homes, campers, boats, recreational vehicles, uninspected vehicles, trailers or similar vehicles be kept or stored on the premises except in a garage. An outdoor storage structure may be allowed with the approval of the developer.

  • No doghouses or kennels may be erected on the premises. All pets must be kept inside the home.

  • An outdoor dusk to dawn light post that is direct wired to the circuit panel and controlled by a photocell is required to be installed near the driveway and the public sidewalk on each lot.

  • Homeowners are encouraged to have side load garages where possible.

  • Garages shall have the ability to house one to three cars but not more than three.

  • The developer reserves the right to alter or amend the above covenants at his discretion.


For More Information

Cindy Woodring
Phone: 814-231-2800 x2

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